石河子大学园艺学为石河子大学最早成立的学科之一,园艺专业人才培养历史可追溯到1959年。2005年园艺学获批一级学科硕士学位授权点,2006被遴选为兵团重点学科,2010年获批一级学科博士学位授权点,是石河子大学五个一级学科博士学位授权点之一。目前,园艺学一级学科博士点下设果树学、蔬菜学和园艺植物有害生物防治三个研究方向,共有博士生导师7名。园艺学一级学科硕士点下设果树学、蔬菜学和设施园艺学3个二级学科。依托园艺学科组建的“特色果蔬栽培生理与种质资源利用” 兵团重点实验室于2014年获得兵团科技局批准建设。现有教师22名,其中教授8人、副教授9人,有国务院政府特贴专家2人,新世纪优秀人才1人,拥有博士学位教师18人。近年来园艺学科教师先后主持国家科技支撑计划、国家自然科学基金、兵团重大科技计划等各级科研项目54项,其中国家级自然基金14项,省部级19项,兵团重大科技计划项目1项,到位科研经费1500多万元。获得国家级奖项4项,获得省部级科技进步一等奖1项,二等奖2项和三等奖2项,校级奖项1项,专利16项,审定新品种2个。出版专著6部,在国内外重要学术期刊发表学术论文300多篇,其中,在本学科领域SCI期刊发表论文20余篇



Brief introduction of Department of Horticulture and Its Discipline

The Horticulture Discipline is one of the earliest established disciplines in Shihezi University, and its history of cultivating talents dates back to 1959. In 2005, the horticulture was approved to be a first Level disciplines authorized to offer master's degree, in 2006 it was selected as the key disciplines in Bingtuan, in 2010 it was approved to be a first Level disciplines authorized to offer doctorate degree, and Shihezi University became one of the five doctorate degree authorized stations.At present, the first level doctor disciplines of horticulture has established three courses, they are pomology, vegetable science and biological pest control of horticultural plants. It has 7 doctoral supervisors.the first level master disciplines of horticulture includes three established courses they are pomology, vegetable science and protected horticulture science.
 In 2014 depending on the program of “cultivating special fruits and vegetables and utilizing the seeds resources”, the Bingtuan key laboratory was approved to construct by Bingtuan science and technology bureau. There are 22 teachers, including 8 professors,9 adjunct professors and 2 state council experts for special allowance, and 1 New Century Excellent Talent, and 18 doctoral degree teachers. In recent years, these teachers has taken charge of 54 science researches at all levels such as the National Science Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Bingtuan Major Science and Technology Program, of which 14 state-level natural science fund,19 province-level fund and 1 Bingtuan Major Science and Technology Program.It has obtained 4 state-level prize, 1 province-level first price, 2 province-level second price, 3 province-level third price, 16 patents and finalized 2 new species. it has published 6 monographs and over 300 academic papers on academic journals at home and abroad, of which over 20 papers were published on the SCI journals.
This disciplines closely around the key technical problems of the development of horticulture industry of Xinjiang Bingtuan, it combined Xinjiang's unique natural ecological environment with the special horticultural plants resources, formed 3 stable research directions through the long-term construction. (1) the evaluation and innovation utilization of special fruits and vegetables germplasm resources; (2) the high efficiency cultivation of special fruits and vegetables; (3) the cultivation of protected vegetables and the environmental control technology.
 At the end of 2016, Xinjiang planting area of special tree fruits has over 22 million acres, and the planting area of protected Horticulture has over 2 million acres, Xinjiang jujube, grape, apricot and other horticultural products are planted in the country's first. The policy of national "The Belt and Road Initiatives” and the southward development of Xinjiang and Bingtuan provide a unprecedented stage and opportunity for the development of the horticultural disciplines, we are looking forward to welcoming talents from all of the world to contact and negotiate with Shihezi University.